About the BLOG

ahmed y

I’m Ahmed Yussuf, the sole writer; blogger and whatever other label out there for this blog entitled The Young Roos.

It’s dedicated to covering, profiling and analysing the Young Socceroos. It attempts to fill in the gap the mainstream media miss. Especially with the upcoming u20 World Cup that I plan to cover in depth and yarn about players that I’m fond of, while comparing and contrasting the changes in youth development in Australian football.

How many of us knew about the work that Ali Edwards was doing with the Joeys and the change of style he was creating? No much. Sure, there was the odd World Game doco or article but how much column inches are available for the next generation of players, not many, I think.

So this is where it all changes. I’ve got the responsibility to write and cover the u20’s with the highest calibre – he says while whipping the sweat off his forehead.

For now, I bid you all adieu. Hopefully the next time we meet you come lavishing with praise.

All the best,



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